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Janssen Cosmetics Spirulina Green Mask 30G X 10S
Professional use only Spirulina Green Mask gently stimulates the metabolism thanks to its occlusive effect. Waste products and accumulated tissue fluid are rapidly transported away. A significantly improved skin profile is rapidly achieved. Mix the peel off mask. Quickly mix...
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M.Asam - Clear Skin Set
Description M.Asam Clear Skin Set includes: CLEAR SKIN Cleansing Gel (200 ml) The M. Asam CLEAR SKIN cleansing gel with salicylic acid is especially suitable for the thorough cleansing of oily and combination skin . Fat-dissolving substances rid the skin...
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Uriage EAU Micellaire Thermal Pink Sens Skin 250ml
Uriage EAU Micellaire Thermal Pink Sens Skin 250ml Uriage Thermal Micellar Waters are perfectly suited for removing make-up from all skin types, thanks to the unique properties of Uriage Thermal Water. The micelle's gentle, non-ionic constituent surfactants, act like magnets...
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Molicare Premium Super Plus Small
Curly Fiber maintains a skin-friendly pH 5.5 environment,Quick-dry system for more wearing comfort,3-layer absorbent core locks in and evenly distributes fluid,Protection level of an overnight brief or extended wear
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