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La Femme Feminine Wash 250Ml
DESCRIPTION: La Femme Antiseptic Solution is an antiseptic and freshening for intimate areasTreatment of vaginal infections that are caused by bacteria, fungi viruses or parasitesOther indications of primary skin diseases e.g acne, intertrigo, cutaneous mycosis, disinfection of hand, disinfection of...
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Beesline Whitening Intimate Wash 200 Ml
Description: Beesline Whitening Intimate Wash: A women sterile herbal lotion for personal protection Moderate acidity cleans gently moisturizes and guides free of fragrance materials Alrageh sensitizer Buster sang olive oil propolis sage thyme honey and oats. In addition, Beesline Whitening...
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MAXON Inteema Hydra Gel 40ml
Maxon Inteema Hydra Gel 40ml This instant and long-lasting solution to vaginal dryness is a clear odorless gel that is aligned with your body natural pH. Its water-based solution is enriched with hyaluronic acid to supplement your body natural moisture,...
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Beesline Hygienic Feminine Wash 200Ml
Description: Beesline Feminine Hygienic Wash cleanses the feminine sensitive skin restores vaginal moisture and fights bad odors. Moreover, Beesline Feminine Hygienic Wash provides purifying, soothing and antimicrobial benefits. In addition to this, the Beesline Feminine Hygienic Wash can be used...
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Max On Inteema Wash
Description: Max-On Inteema Feminine Wash contains a soothing blend of aloe vera, camomile extract and cucumber extract. This foaming cleanser reduces irritation and inflammation, leaves you feeling clean and revitalized. Delicate, specially made to gently cleanse your intimate area leaves...
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Maxon Inteema Spray
Maxon Inteema Spray When it comes to intimate well being, this alcohol-free cleansing spray is designed to the ultimate in hygienic and convenient. Its fast-acting formula refreshes, cleanses and balances pH levels of intimate areas.
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Paris Extreme Musk Eau De Parfum Unisex 100ml
Extreme Musk is a new synthetic Musk formula that is designed by Louis Varel to prove to the world that Muskdeer can be preserved and we can develop a new source of musk without threatening the species of this animal....
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MAXON Inteema Feminine Wash 150ml
Maxon Inteema Feminine Wash 150ml Make a fresh start everyday with this gentle feminine wash. With its soothing blend of aloe vera, camomile extract and cucumber extract, this foaming cleanser reduces irritation and inflammation and leaves you feeling clean and...
Dhs. 85.00
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