LA ROCHE POSAY Pure Vitamin C10 30ml
PURE VITAMIN C10 SERUM, the anti-wrinkle solution with pure vitamin C, salicylic acid and neurosensine to reveal sensitive skin's full radiance. PROPERTIES Wrinkles, lack of radiance, irregular texture.A unique anti-ageing renovating serum at high concentration of pure vitamin C, with...
Dhs. 204.00 Dhs. 159.00
Dermaceutic Yellow Cream Skin Tone Brightener 15ml
Dermaceutic Yellow Cream Skin Tone Brightener 15ml Stimulates and promotes skin radiance and harmonizes complexion.Yellow Cream reduces dark spots and uneven skin tone. How to use: Apply in the evening on dark spots.
Dhs. 390.00 Dhs. 290.00
Luderma Plus Lotion
Luderma Plus Lotion Body Whitening , Dry Skin , Hyper-Pigmentation & Dark Spots
Dhs. 250.00
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Obagi Nu Derm Clear 57ml
Obagi Nu-Derm Clear 57ml Sun damage and hyperpigmentation age the complexion. Obagi Nu-Derm Clear works to fade dark spots and create a more even skin tone. This hydroquinone skin lightener helps minimize imperfections caused by melasma, sun damage, acne and...
Dhs. 899.00
Luderma Plus 4 Cream
Luderma Plus cream is an advanced brightening cream with a unique formula to give you a naturally even tone that makes your skin looking even brighter. Refrain from using if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.
Dhs. 150.00
Enlighten Pigment Controller 30mL
Neostrata Enlighten Pigment Controller is an advanced formula with clinically proven technologies to control pigmentation and prevent new dark spots from forming. This unique product contains clinically proven technologies for the control of pigmentation and protection against the emergence of...
Dhs. 331.00
Purewhite Radiance Max 240 Oral - 60 Capsules
Oral Pure White Radiance Max is an oral supplement destined for those looking for brightening, free radicals protection, and antiaging properties. Formulated with natural active ingredients, it helps prevent discolorations and protects the skin from photoaging and environmental aggressions, such...
Dhs. 437.00
Brightalive 50mL
Dhs. 630.00
Brightalive 50mL
Non-retinol skin brightener that evens skin tone and reduces dark spots.   Benefits: - Targets the many stages that cause hyperpigmentation - Helps brighten and even the skin tone - Helps prevent future damage - Breaks up existing pigmentationMore Information Brand ZO Skin Health...
Dhs. 630.00
Luderma Plus 2 Cream
Luderma Plus 2 Cream Plus 2 cream is best to lighten your facial skin color with hyper-pigmentation & dark Spots How to use: Apply Once in a Day before bed
Dhs. 250.00
Brightening Bar Soap 120g
Neutriderm Brightening Bar will lead you to a flawless, blemish free, brighter, younger looking skin. This cleansing bar is pH balanced and will leave your skin soft and supple to touch.  Brightening Bar will lighten skin pigmentations such as acne...
Dhs. 89.00
Uriage Gyn-8 100ml
This soothing foaming gel rapidly relieves and calms sensations of discomfort, helping quickly restore natural balance to the intimate areas. Irreproachable tolerance. Gently cleanses The cleansing GLYCO-GYN complex (glyco-esters and glyco-flavonoids of Edelweiss) delivers a gentle cleansing action without causing...
Dhs. 78.00
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Janssen Cosmetics Melafadin Toner 500Ml
DESCRIPTION Refreshing facial tonic for radiantly bright skin. With mulberry tree extract, SORR and aloe vera extract. USAGE Pour Melafadin Toner onto a cotton wool pad and stroke gently over the skin after cleansing. Tip: Melafadin Toner is outstandingly suitable...
Dhs. 440.00
Phyto Plus Gel 15mL
Phyto Plus Gel is an advanced brightening formula with the highest concentration of natural plant ingredients that brighten the appearance of skin tone and improves skin radiance. Suitable for all skin tones and all skin types. Benefits: - Brightens the...
Dhs. 263.00
Phyto-C Whitening Mask 50mL
Phyto-C Whitening Mask is a scientifically advanced formula that focuses on the reduction and prevention of damage incurred by aging skin. Provides extraordinary antioxidant protection.More Information Brand Phyto-C Concern Anti-Aging, Discoloration, Hyperpigmentation, Lightening, Melasma, Whitening Ingredient Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acid,...
Dhs. 504.00
WFilorga Pigment Perfect, a trio of innovative active ingredients works in synergy to correct pigmentation flaws: -Hop extract regulates pigmentation by reducing melanin production to visibly reduce the size and intensity of dark spots. -New-generation vitamin C, offered in its...
Dhs. 347.00
MultiVitamin Power Serum 22mL
Dermalogica AGE Smart Multivitamin Power Serum firms, tones and revitalizes your skin to combat the visible signs of aging. Sunflower oil delivers rich, omega fatty acids to improve texture and elasticity while vitamin A reduces fine lines and boosts cell...
Dhs. 351.00
C-12 Pure Bright Serum 50mL
Lightweight, highly-active topical treatment combats hyperpigmentation (brown spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone) day and night. Advanced formula absorbs quickly to optimize efficacy while helping to increase skin luminosityMore Information Brand Dermalogica Concern Discoloration, Hyperpigmentation, Lightening, Melasma, Whitening Ingredient Dimethicone,...
Dhs. 494.00
Depiderm White Mousse Nettoyante 100mL
This light and delicate foam cleanses and purifies the skin while bringing radiance to the complexion. Illuminated :The antioxidant properties of Uriage Thermal Water purify the skin while the ACTIWHITE complex unifies and illuminates the complexion. Softens: the very creamy...
Dhs. 105.00
Depiderm White Serum Correcteur 30mL
This delicately scented serum offers complete corrective action. Brightens Uriage Thermal Water and ACTIWHITE help reduce dark spots for a radiant, even-toned complexion. Smoothes The combination of active ingredients smoothes features and visibly diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. Moisturizes This...
Dhs. 242.00
Melascreen Photo-Aging Global Serum 30mL
Ducray Melascreen Photo-Aging Global Serum 30mL is a serum especially designed to prevent and correct the appearance of brown spots. Due to its complex blend of ingredients, which includes a variety of emollients and antioxidants, this innovative formula also acts...
Dhs. 284.00
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Spot Complex Control Micro Emulsion 40mL
The «peeling» action of Keratoline® eliminates dead skin cells to smooth the epidermis, promote cell renewal for a brighter and healthier looking skinMore Information Brand Floxia Concern Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Whitening Ingredient Aloe Vera, Vitamin E Skin Type AllApply morning and...
Dhs. 215.00
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Phyto-C Active Serum 15mL
An intensive formula that gently exfoliates skin to brighten and improve uneven skin tone and reduce oily surface residue to improve the appearance of acne prone skin. Benefits: - Gently exfoliates skin - Brightens the appearance of skin blemishes -...
Dhs. 310.00
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Skin Whitening Crème 50mL
Neutriderm Skin Whitening Cream is a natural topical tyronsinase inhibitor and potent antioxidant that regulates the buildup of melanin, the enzyme responsible for dark spots developing.  Increases hydration of the skin, reduces dark spot length and colour depth, restores the...
Dhs. 231.00
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Esthe-White System Targeted Dark Spots Concentrate 9mL
A hyper-concentrated care rich in brightening active ingredients, in the form of roll-on for an ultra-targeted action, to reduce the intensity and the size of localized pigmentation marks. Recommended in cases of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, this concentrate clears,...
Dhs. 167.00

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