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Beauty Hair & Nails Gummes 60 Gummies
Product description Gummies for Hair & Nails contaning BIOTIN , VITAMIN C , E , Green Tea Extract , No Gelatin , No Glutin . Strawberry Taste .ÂÂ
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Carmellose Ha 30 Vials Of 0.5 Ml
Description Carmize Carmellose Sodium Lubricant eye drops for lasting and soothing relief and protection against burning, irritation and discomfort due to ocular dryness or exposure to environmental factors. Benefits: Re-closable vials of 0.4ml solution Preservative Free The solution acts as...
Dhs. 86.00
Ducray Melascreen Uv Spf50 Light Cream 40Ml
Ducray Melascreen UV Light Cream SPF 50+ 40ml is very high sun protection for normal to combination skins, that allows to limit and reduce brown spots. Its formula protects from hyperpigmentation linked to the sun, localized brown spots and aging...
Dhs. 225.00
Gerovital H3 Hyaluron C Anti-Wrinkle Cream Day Care 50Ml
Description This is a cream rich in pure and liposomal Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Vitamin C, ingredients with moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, and antioxidative effects which provide filling and smoothing of wrinkles from within and prevent the unwanted effects of the skin’s...
Dhs. 175.00
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Heliocare Ultra Cream Spf 90 50 Ml
Details Ultra Cream SPF 90 is a lightweight, photoprotection cream destined for fair skin types and intense sun exposure. Formulated with Fernblock®, sunscreens and repairing and antioxidant active ingredients it is rapidly-absorbed. It is formulated with antioxidant and restorative ingredients,...
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Janssen Cosmetics Eye Make Up Remover 100Ml
DESCRIPTION: An oil-free cleansing gel for all skin types. USAGE Removal of make-up from the eyelids and eye lashes should always take place prior to actual facial cleansing. When doing this use of a fresh pad coated with Eye Make...
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Janssen Cosmetics Night Cream Platinum Care 50Ml
Description The PLATINUM CARE premium line anti-aging cream contains colloidal platinum (Platinum MR complex) and other highly effective components that activate skin regeneration and restore it from the inside out throughout the night. The unique recipe and enriched texture of...
Dhs. 450.00
Just For Me Shampoo In Haircolor Dark Brown 66 Ml
About this item Natural looking, full coverage of gray hairs Restores original color by targeting gray hair for a natural look Easy, non-drip Shampoo-In Formula Works in 5 easy minutes and lasts for up to 8 weeks, or until your...
Dhs. 46.00
Neocell Rise And Renew Collagen 264 Gr
Rise and Renew Collagenâ„¢ Powder supports skin smoothness and luminosity with an herbal energy boost of Astaxanthin, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C. Smooth, rejuvenate and energize your skin Herbal energy boost with Green Tea extract Types 1 and 3...
Dhs. 299.00
Obagi Elastiderm Day Eye Gel 1M
About this item Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream Helps Revitalize The Skin Around Eyes And Rejuvenate Your Appearance. Formulated With A Unique Bi-Mineral Complex And Malonic Acid For Smoother, Firmer-Looking Skin Around The Eyes. Skin Changes Are Among The Most Visible...
Dhs. 435.00
Obagi Gentle Rejuvenation Ultra-Rich Eye Cream
Highlights Kinetin and zeatin work together to fight crow’s feet and deeper wrinkles Roxisomes improve the look of sun damage and fade discoloration Algae extract enhances skin’s overall radiance Unique delivery system slowly releases active ingredients over a 12-hour period...
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Ors Olive Relaxer Kit -Regular
About this item This revolutionary system utilizes Olive Oil to protect the hair from damage during the relaxer process! Olive Oil, known as healing elixir for years, is rich in essential fatty acids that impart moisture directly into the scalp...
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Pca Pigment Bar 100Ml(90G)
A gentle cleansing bar formulated to soothe all types of dry skin conditions, particularly psoriasis, while cleansing away dirt and impurities. Benefits: - Soothe and improve dry skin concerns, including psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, all over the body, even on...
Dhs. 317.00
Phyto Squam Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 250Ml
Description: Phyto Phytosquam anti-dandruff shampoo, specially developed for tends to oily hair, deeply cleanses the scalp, removes dandruff for a long time, reduces sebum production and soothes the scalp.
Dhs. 105.00
Phyto-C Hair Repair Tonic 100Ml
Multivitamins and plant extracts work synergistically to improve cellular metabolism, remove sebum from scalp, restore and nourish damaged hair. Hair repair tonic regulates and promotes a healthy hair growth cycle.
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Phytolastil Stretch Mark Gel 200 Ml
Prevents the appearance of stretch marks on particularly vulnerable areas such as the breasts, abdomen, hips, and buttocks, minimizes the appearance of existing stretch marks, strengthens the skin's connective tissues, lightweight formula is easily absorbed.
Dhs. 180.00
Qv Cream Replenish Dry Skin
This rich, protective cream replenishes the skin and helps repair dry areas. It contains squalene, a natural component found in the skin’s oil. Areas prone to dryness like the elbows, knees and hands will just love what QV Cream can...
Dhs. 56.00
Sesderma Retises Nano 0.5% Facial Gel 30 Ml
Retinol Concentrate with direct action on the collagen fibers at 3 levels: repair, stimulation and protection.
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Skin Ceuticals Retinol0.3 30Ml
Details Filorga’s Time-Filler Intensive Serum is a lightweight smoothing multi-correction serum that smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques, it quickly sinks into skin and delivers a peeling effect, targeting micro-cracks to refine and perfect....
Dhs. 395.85
Skincode Prohibiting Eye Serum 15Ml
This clinically tested Cellular Wrinkle Prohibiting Serum is formulated with powerful anti-aging ingredients that restore hydration, vitality and youthfulness to all skin types showing signs of aging. Its silky gel serum texture glides onto the skin to restructure, plump and...
Dhs. 417.00
Uriage Age Protect Instant Multicor Filler Fp 30 Ml
Description: This instant multi-correction filler care fades visible signs of aging and lastingly corrects them.
Dhs. 300.00
Uriage Depiderm Spf0 F 30 Ml
Description: This high protection product reduces and prevents the risk of dark spots caused by UV rays, a major factor in hyperpigmentation. A high tolerance formula that may be used on sunny days.
Dhs. 245.00
Vichy Deodorant Stick For Very Sensitve Skin 40Ml
Product Specifications:24-Hour deodorant stick free from aluminum salts.for women looking for real deodorant efficacy free from aluminum salts. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. Stick format, free from aluminum salts, perfectly adapted to all skin types, even sensitive. Zinc...
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