M Asam Aqua Intense Facial Cleanser 200ml
Cleans gently and thoroughly leather Removes dirt, dead skin cells and makeup Enriched with pearls of Jojoba Oil Contains mild tensides and hyaluronic acid Suitable for everyday use. How to use: Cleans gently and thoroughly leather.
Dhs. 210.00
M Asam Aqua intense hyaluron eye cream 30ml
M Asam Aqua intense hyaluron augencreme eye cream creme pour les yeux 30ml: M. Asam Aqua Intense Hyaluron AugenCreme EyeCream Size: (1.01 fl. oz.) / 30 ml. Condition: Brand New / BOXED This Fragrance-Free Eye Cream reduces the appearance of...
Dhs. 136.00
M Asam Magic Finish
This is an incredible foundation with an unusual, fluffy whipped texture. It "blurs" like no other product and it dries to an invisible matte-powder finish. It fills in pores and fine lines flawlessly, and it looks like skin. When first...
Dhs. 170.00
M Asam Resveratrol Beauty 14 Days 14 X 2Ml
Resveratrol Ampoules is a 14-day beauty treatment based on concentrated resveratrol, which helps refine and refresh the appearance of your skin for a younger-looking complexion.This product is suitable for all skin types. This intensive age-defying beauty treatment for14 days contains...
Dhs. 260.00
M Asam Vino Gold eye cream 30ml
Description: Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Helps smooth the look of eye area skin Moisturizes skin around the clock Helps eye area look revived and invigorated Vino Gold eye cream.This fragrance free eye cream cares for...
Dhs. 185.00
M Asam Vino Gold Face Tonic 250ml
Description Pamper your skin and indulge your senses. Aromatic with a fresh lime fragrance, the moisturizing face toner makes your skin care regimen a long-lasting, refreshing pleasure youll look forward to each and every day! How to use: Apply with...
Dhs. 135.00
M Asam Vino Gold Peeling Body Exfoliant
Based on the anti-aging ingredients extracted from grapes combined with a range of herbal extracts and vitamins. The formulations contain an innovative patent pending antioxidant complex of OPC and resveratrol ?????? strong antioxidants from grapes - and a peptide complex....
Dhs. 136.00
M. Asam Resveratrol Premium Smoothing Face Mask
Smoothing Face Mask Combines highest concentration possible of resveratrol with additional age-defying ingredients Provides protection against moisture loss, with continued use Gives skin a velvety soft and smooth feeling Factory Sealed Box ~ 5 star Customer Pick!! How to use;...
Dhs. 320.00
M. Asam Vitamin E cleansing cream 200ml
Description: Gentle cleansing cream with vitamin E The soft texture of this luxurious M. ASAM Vitamin E cleansing cream is a gentle treat for the skin - Purification, for example, of make-up. The cream spoils the skin with valuable active...
Dhs. 290.00
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M.Asam - Clear Skin Set
Description M.Asam Clear Skin Set includes: CLEAR SKIN Cleansing Gel (200 ml) The M. Asam CLEAR SKIN cleansing gel with salicylic acid is especially suitable for the thorough cleansing of oily and combination skin . Fat-dissolving substances rid the skin...
Dhs. 500.00
M.Asam Aqua Intense Ampullen
Intense hydrates for the skin and help retain moisture Fighting the appearance of lines and wrinkles Renewal of radiance and vitality of the complexion Skin texture gives softness and nourishment Leaves skin soft and fresh Provides intense hydration for radiant...
Dhs. 150.00
M.Asam Aqua Intense Supreme Hyaluron Cream 50ml
Proprietary complex consists of three different kinds of hyaluronic acid — high molecular, low molecular and encapsulated hyaluronic acid.Optimizes skin elasticity and, helps the skin retain moisture. Visually helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a softer...
Dhs. 189.00
M.Asam Beauty Elixir Spray 100 Ml
Pamper your skin with the M. Asam?? Beauty Elixir for face and body. Experience the invigorating scent with essential oils of mint and lemon. The moisturizing spray is enriched with a complex of active ingredients, which can help to make...
Dhs. 285.00
M.Asam Beauty Face and Body Moisturizing Elixir 100ml
Try an invigorating spritz of this face-and-body spray. Its refreshing fragrance contains essential oils and extracts of mint, lemon and rosemary while other key ingredients help illuminate the look of your skin. Your instant pick-me-up is just a spray away....
Dhs. 179.00
Effective against pimples and blemishes. In just 5 minutes visible radiant complexion. Highly effective in promoting skin renewal. Removes dead skin cells gently. Refines the pores , reduces pigmentation and increases the moisture content of the skin.
Dhs. 143.00
M.ASAM Collagen Boost Cleansing Cream
Make a fresh start each morning with this cleansing cream. Scented with the fragrance of the Collagen Boost line, the mild formula leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Get ready for a gorgeous day. Features: Mild cream thoroughly cleans...
Dhs. 240.00
M.Asam Collagen Boost Eye Cream 30ml
Helps support natural collagen production in your skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in eye contour areaFragrance free, leaves skin feeling soft, supple and moisturized. Dermatologically tested Good for sensitive skin.Gently pat onto the cleansed area...
Dhs. 242.00
M.Asam Collagen Boost Mask 100ml
Intensive mask (100 ml) for more strength and elasticity. To support the skin's own collagen production.For a tighter facial skin & a refreshed skin.Can fight the first signs of aging.Strengthens & nourishes the skin gently.Apply the mask evenly onto your...
Dhs. 284.00
M.ASAM Collagen Boost Serum 100ml
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps firm the look of skin. This serum is formulated for mature skin and contains key ingredients such as soy isoflavones. Up to 300% collagen improvement. Features: State-of-the-art face serum Help...
Dhs. 285.00
M.Asam Collagen Lift 24h Cream 50ml
An intensive soft-melting 24h cream which helps: ・Restructuring 24H anti-aging care・Confirming Improvement of skin firmness・Supporting the natural collagen synthesis of the skin・Giving the skin youthful elasticity・Protecting against moisture lossThe skin's own collagen synthesis is stimulated by natural ingredients from the...
Dhs. 257.00
M.Asam Collagen Lift 24H Creme
Overview Promotes collagen synthesis to improve overall skin quality An intensive anti-aging 24h cream which helps: - Restructure skin tissues - Improve skin firmness - Support the natural collagen synthesis of the skin - Give the skin youthful elasticity -...
Dhs. 265.00
M.Asam Collagen Lift Serum 50ml
The intensively stimulating serum from the COLLAGEN LIFT care line gives your skin more firmness and elasticity. It promotes collagen synthesis and ensures faster visible results. The light formula is quickly absorbed and supports the skin's own collagen build-up by...
Dhs. 284.00
M.Asam Magic Finish Cream 30ml
One shade adapts individually to any skin tone. Magically removes dark circles. Velvety smooth foundation texture is wonderfully light on the skin. Contains Dimethicone and CyclopentasiloxaneApply over day cream and distribute evenly. Repeat until desired coverage is achieved. The Magic...
Dhs. 229.00
M.Asam Perfect Teint 30ml
An immediate and temporarily smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. Open pores and imperfections optically disappear with perfect coverageControls shine giving a matte finishApply your make-up, then follow with a tiny amount of Perfect Teint directly onto fine lines, pores...
Dhs. 194.00

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