Actipur Teint Doree 30Ml Golden
Description: egulates sebum secretion in skin prone to acne. Corrects and hides blemishes. Anti-imperfections cream. With Phytospingosine and Vitamin PP complex. How to use: Apply evenly over the face and neck in the morning instead of your usual day cream....
Dhs. 79.00
Noreva Actipur Dermo Cleansing Gel 150Ml
Description: Noreva Actipur Purifying Dermo-Cleansing Gel 150ml Specially formulated for sensitive, oily skin with blemishes, this soap-free gel cleanses skin extremely gently, without being aggressive. It eliminates impurities and regulates oil production on both face and body. Purified and soothed...
Dhs. 99.00
Noreva Actipur 3 N 1 Anti Imperfections Care 30Ml
Noreva Actipur 3in1 Corrective and Unclogging Anti-Imperfections Care 30ml targets moderate to severe imperfections. This care contains Keratozin A that will act to remove black heads, regulate the sebum production and prevent the darkening of post-acne scarring tissue. The patented...
Dhs. 119.00
Noreva Actipur Tinted Golden Cream 30Ml
Description: Actipur Light Tinted is developed to speed up the elimination of spots and regulate sebum secretion. It simultaneously corrects and hides blemishes on skin. Its light, fluid texture leaves the skin moisturized with a lasting matt finish. Phytosphingosine /...
Dhs. 89.00
Noreva Exfoliac Acnomega 200 30Ml
Noreva Exfoliac Acnomega 200 moisturizes and soothes oily or acne skin, it allowing an exfoliation of the surface layer of the skin. Global anti-acne and sebum regulating care Moisturizes, exfoliates and regulates production of sebum in a single gesture With...
Dhs. 136.50
Noreva Exfoliac Global 6 Corrective Cream 30Ml
Exfoliac Global 6 offers a unique formula: Lipobactol with its perfect miscibility allows it to penetrate the biofilms (protective shields of the bacteria), regulate oiliness and prevent the formation of cicatricial traces after acne. Hyaluronic acid activates innate immune defenses,...
Dhs. 145.00
Noreva Exfoliac Nc Gel 30Ml
Noreva Exfoliac NC Gel Local Care treats inflamed areas in skin with imperfections, limiting the appearance of dark spots and helps clear them. Noreva Exfoliac NC Gel Local Care¹œtreats inflamed areas in skin with imperfections having its efficacy tested against...
Dhs. 119.00
Noreva Exfoliac Soft Purifying Foam Gel 250Ml
Description: Noreva Exfoliac Gentle Foaming Gel 250ml is a foaming gel for face and body, specially formulated for the cleansing of the skins with imperfections. This foaming gel, formulated with soap free, effectively and gently cleanses the skins with imperfections....
Dhs. 109.00
Noreva Iklen Anti Brown Spot Cream Spf 50
Broad-spectrum sun filters Inhibits production of melanin Paraben-free Fragrance free Water-resistant
Dhs. 375.00
NOREVA Iklen Anti-Dark Spot Corrector Serum 30mL
Recommended in case of photo-aging skin, hormonal or reactional variations, scars, photo-sensitization drug.... Noreva Iklen+ Anti-Dark Spot Corrector Serum 30ml with fine and non greasy texture is ideal to correct and shade spots, to reduce wrinkles and even the complexion,...
Dhs. 466.00
Sold Out
NOREVA Iklen Melano-Expert Anti-Brown Spot 15mL
Its full composition ensures a multi-action in various factors that stimulate melanin synthesis.For the face, neck, cleavage and hands in localized spots as lentigines, ephelides or caused by photo-aging.Its high performance and innovative technology allows the extended release of always...
Dhs. 249.00 Dhs. 124.00
NOREVA Kerapil Dermo-Regulating Care 75mL
Dermo-regulating cream to smooth and regulate the face, legs and bikini line to stop ingrown hairs appearing.Kerapil helps to reduce skin roughness and limits the formation of ingrown hairs with ammonium lactate (14%). How to use: Apply morning and/or evening...
Dhs. 93.00
Noreva Noregyn Intimate Cleansing Gel 50 Ml
Description: Noreva Noregyn Intimate Cleansing Gel guarantees a gentle hygiene of the intimate area. With its mild surfactants, castor oil and phospholipids, this cleansing gel is indicated for sensitive mucous membranes. Additionally, since it has lactic acid in its composition...
Dhs. 117.00
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NOREVA Noresun Gradual UV Sun Cream SPF50 + 40mL
Noreva Noresun Gradual UV Light Tinted Cream SPF50+?Ëœis part of the new generation of "smart" sun care that adapts its level of protection to match the sun's intensity. With its formula embodied with Melan-Ox 24, this sunscreen provides an optimal...
Dhs. 130.00
NOREVA Trio A Intensive Depigmenting Treatment 30mL
Formulated specifically to reduce the size and intensity of brown spots, TRIO A Intensive depigmenting treatment is an effective initial treatment. It effectively combats the over-production and poor distribution of melanin, pigment naturally present in the skin, causing brown spots...
Dhs. 129.00
NOREVA Trio D Depigmenting And Unifying Treatment 30mL
Noreva Trio D Depigmenting Unifying Care 30ml is a depigmenting care product that benefits from the complementary action of its ingredients: licorice concentrated to 40% glabridin, it blocks the synthesis of melanin, responsible for hyperpigmentation. AHAs promote the penetration of...
Dhs. 130.00
Noreva Trio D Emulsion 30Ml
Blocks melanin synthesis Helps exfoliate cells containing excess pigments Strengthens the depigmentation action Paraben-free and contains no hydroquinone
Dhs. 159.00
NOREVA Trio White Night-Time Depigmenting Care 30ml
Noreva Trio White Night-Time Depigmenting Care is a night depigmenting care, allowing to stop effectively and durably the production of melanin. This care effectively acts during the night, period of intense activity of the metabolims. Its effectiveness is reinforced by...
Dhs. 225.00
Noreva Zeniac Lp Fort Cream 30Ml
Benefits: Absorbs excess sebum, providing a matte finish With kerato-regulators and moisturizing ingredients It facilitates the elimination of sebum build up How to Use: Apply evenly to the face and neck, morning and evening on clean, dry skin.
Dhs. 89.00
NOREVA Zeniac Purifying Cleansing Gel 200mL
Noreva Zeniac Purifying & Cleansing Gel is designed as daily cleansing of the face, body and scalp. It is suitable for impure skin prone to acne.Smoothing, reducing excessive horn cell adhesion in the sebaceous glands ducts. Inhibition of bacterial growth...
Dhs. 125.00 Dhs. 60.00
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