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A.G.E. Less Everyday 50mL
A.G.E. Less Everyday is a lightweight, anti-aging moisturizer, designed to hydrate and defend sensitive against signs of aging. Formulated with PHA and Bionic Acid, it stimulates natural collagen production and provides skin texture and firming benefits by targeting glycation damage, called...
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AGE REVERSE BioActiv Wash Foaming PHA Facial Cleanser 125mL
AGE REVERSE BioActiv Wash Foaming is a gentle exfoliating, soap free cleanser that prepares your skin for anti-aging skincare regimen. Formulated with Botanicals and Polyhydroxy acids, it gently exfoliates and lightly resurfaces skin texture, revealing a fresh, new complexion. Benefits:...
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AGE REVERSE Day Repair SPF 30 50mL
AGE REVERSE Day Repair SPF 30 is a firming day cream formulated with Retinol to refine skin texture and restore a luminous, more youthful complexion. The power duo Retinol with NeoGlucosamine, helps reverse aging signs visibly while Peptidesstimulate collagen production,...
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AGE REVERSE Eye Contour 15mL
AGE REVERSE Eye Contour is a multi-tasking, anti-aging eye cream that firms, hydrates, and smooths the eye area. Formulated with a unique combination of potent ingredients it targets sogginess, ensuring a lifting effect, restoring the eye area definition. It also...
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AGE REVERSE Hydrafirm 50mL
AGE Reverse Hydrafirm is a luxurious, rich anti-aging moisturizer designed for aging skin that craves hydration. Now there’s a solution for skin that craves active moisture and visible antiaging benefits. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids, it helps replenish lost...
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AGE REVERSE Night Lift 50mL
Exuviance AGE REVERSE Night Lift is a powerful night cream that Intensifies skin’s rejuvenation cycle with a unique blend of potent ingredients: AHA, Antioxidants, and Peptides. It firms, hydrates, and visibly lifts the appearance of your skin while you sleep, helping...
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AGE REVERSE Toning Neck Cream 125g
Exuviance Age Reverse Toning Neck Cream is a potent firming and exfoliating neck cream developed exclusively for the fragile neck and décolletage. The luxurious texture is easily absorbed for a plumped, firmer, younger looking neckline. It helps correct signs of ...
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AGE REVERSE Total Correct + Sculpt Serum 30mL
AGE REVERSE Total Correct + Sculpt Serum is an antiaging serum formulated with Vitamin C and potent ingredients to improve the signs of aging. This all-in-one formula smooths, restores, and promotes collagen production for a more youthful-looking complexion. Powered by...
Dhs. 328.00
All-Out Revitalizing Eye Mask - 12 Packets of 2 Pads
All-Out Revitalizing Eye Mask is a set of 2 patches designed to refresh the eyes and provide intensive anti-aging benefits. The Lactobionic Acid formula hydrates and firms the skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ophthalmologist tested. Safe...
Dhs. 382.00
Anti-Pollution Renewal Mask 50g
Anti-Pollution Renewal Mask is a unique detoxifying water-gel mask that melts into the skin targeting the damage from everyday factors that can cause premature aging. Formulated with a potent Anti-Pollution Complex, this mask helps diminish the visible signs of oxidative...
Dhs. 437.00
AntiRedness Calming Serum 29g
AntiRedness Calming Serum is a multi-benefit, lightly cooling serum designed with active science and proven botanicals for skin prone to redness and sensitivity. The creamy, milk-like texture is formulated with a blend of antioxidants and Algae Extract to target and...
Dhs. 287.00
Bright Eyes Dark Circle Corrector 15g
Bright Eyes Dark Circle Corrector is an advanced eye treatment cream designed to revitalize the delicate eye area and reduce the appearance of under-eye bags, dark circles, and crow's feet. Formulated with Peptides and Polyhydroxy/Bionic Acids to target under-eyes skin...
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Collagen Triple Boost Serum 30mL
Exuviance's Collagen Triple Boost Serum is formulated to amplify collagen levels and restore youthful volume to the skin, ensuring a more lifted appearance and improved contour. Formulated with amino acids, the building blocks of new collagen, and gardenia cell extract,...
Dhs. 123.00
Daily Corrector with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 40g
Daily Corrector SPF 35 is a lightweight, fast-absorbing day moisturizer with NeoGlucosamine, a non-acid exfoliator and two powerful brighteners, B-Resorcinol and Turmeric Extract. This triple action formula is designed to help reduce discolorations, smoothing and evening out the skin's texture and tone....
Dhs. 242.00
Daily Eye Smoother 15g
Daily Eye Smoother is a light, yet intensely hydrating eye cream, designed to smooth and brighten for a younger-looking eye area. Formulated with Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs), botanicals, and vitamins, it hydrates and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles....
Dhs. 154.00
Daily Oil Control Primer & Finish 30g
Daily Oil Control Primer & Finish is a lightweight, oil-free gel, designed to absorb excess sebum and provide a matte look to oily skin. Formulated with Mandelic Acid, it controls excess sebum production and smooths skin’s appearance. The Gluconolactone improves...
Dhs. 150.00
Daily Resurfacing Peel CA10 - 36 Pads
Daily Resurfacing Peel CA10 from Exuviance is a set of facial peel pads designed to exfoliate the complexion to uncover gorgeously smooth, younger-looking skin. Infused with citric acid, it lightly exfoliates the skin and dissolves dead skin cells, unveiling a...
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DePuffing Eye Serum 6mL
DePuffing Eye Serum is formulated to help decongest, de-puff and tone the eye area for a rested, youthful appearance with visible results in just 4 weeks*.  The massage applicator with the potent formula enhance circulation, stimulate circulation and drainage while...
Dhs. 151.00
Detox Mud Treatment 100mL
Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment is a detoxifying wash-off face mask that instantly purifies and minimizes the appearance of pores, while drawing out oil, toxins  and debris. Rich in NeoGlucosamine and Charcoal it exfoliates, washes out impurities and clarifiesfor a a beautiful, smooth finish. The silky texture also...
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Evening Restorative Complex 50mL
Evening Restorative Complex is an intensive, nighttime brightening & resurfacing anti-aging moisturizer. Formulated with a potent pH-optimized level of Glycolic Acid, the hero AHA anti-aging ingredient, its non-greasy formula renews moisture levels, resurfaces texture, and boosts radiance. The result is...
Dhs. 169.00
Exuviance Af Vitamin C20 Serum Caps 60S
Description: Boost the anti-aging effectiveness of your daily beauty routine with 20% maximum strength Vitamin C capsules to help restore firmness, smooth lines, and brighten skin tone. Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) is known for its power to improve skin firmness...
Dhs. 330.00
Exuviance Af Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules
Now you can easily boost your daily antiaging skincare routine and experience maximum effective strength Vitamin C, a gold standard in dermatology. Simply layer the capsule’s potent serum on clean skin before other steps in your routine. Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic...
Dhs. 347.00
Exuviance AGE Less Everyday Cream 50ml
Let your skin and mind relax with our gentle antiaging skincare. This lightweight moisturizer is designed to hydrate and defend sensitive, dry skin against signs of aging. The PHA+Bionic formula supports skin’s natural collagen and provides skin texture and firming...
Dhs. 336.00
Exuviance Age Reverse Bioactive Wash
Maximize the efficacy of yourskincare regimen. Twice a day,jump start your routine with thiscreamy foaming cleanser whichcontains a Polyhydroxy Acid blend,including Maltobionic Acid,formulated to gently exfoliate, andlightly resurface skin texture,revealing a fresh, new complexion.The soap-free formula infused withbotanical extracts of...
Dhs. 189.00

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